‘Ministry’ can mean an opportunity for you to:ministry

  • serve using your own unique talents and skills,
  • take part in activities organised by the church, or
  • reach out to others in service to them.

Ministries are an important aspect of any church. At Riverside, we focus on building key ministry areas to better support you, your family and the community.

We provide:

  • opportunities for you to build on strong connections with others in the church,
  • opportunities for you to learn more about God, the bible and your own journey,
  • age-appropriate scripture teaching for your children in a fun and supportive environment, and
  • opportunities for you to engage with the local and wider Sydney communities.

You can find out more about Riverside ministries by clicking on the tabs above, including:

If there is an area that you’re interested in and would like to learn more about, please contact Pastor Frank.