FrankLangford soft2Frank and Karyn Langford at Riverside Church.

Our pastor, Frank, is an Adelaide boy who entered Bible College after serving in the Australian Regular Army gaining his qualifications with the Church of Christ Theological College in NSW; now known as ACOM (Australian College of Ministries). He has been a Minister for almost 25 years serving in churches in both Queensland and NSW.

He has served as a Regional Chaplain in the St George Local Area Command with the NSW Police Force for the last eight years, and in June 2017, re-joined the Australian Army as an Army Reserves Chaplain serving with the 1st 15th Lancer Regiment.

Karyn is a Massage Therapist with her own small business called “My Hands On Massage” which she commenced in 2003, covering the Sydney metropolitan area. Karyn is always on hand to assists with the ministry within the church – on top of being super-mum to 3 kids and a long-suffering wife!

Karyn and Frank have lived in the local area for 17 years with their 3 adult children: Rhys, Connor and Grace, who all attend Riverside.

“As a Christian family living in the local area, we have experienced some amazing highs and terrible lows, but we have always faced them together and with Christ. It’s not always easy to show people the benefits of a Christian faith, but if they see it work for a normal family in the suburbs, maybe there might be an opportunity for us to help people experience what we have.”

If you would like to email Frank please feel welcome.