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A Clean Slate

When we step into a relationship with God we receive his grace and forgiveness…but it’s more than that and this is more than a Jan 1st verse. It’s more like an everyday verse because His mercies are new every morning through his great faithfulness towards us…and no matter how many times we fail he says let’s start again. I think that’s the key to this series and this year. There is no limit to how often we can start again with a fresh start. Whether it’s a diet or exercise or spending or an addiction or sin…God’s is so in love with you through your faith in Jesus Christ, that he allows us to start again without condemnation.
I love that God dwells in the business of giving a fresh beginning and a new start with a clean slate and how we need to have these clean slates in our lives so we can embrace and lean in to pursue the life God has created us and called us to live.
Happy New Year to you all and I hope you can make church from January 1st as we kick off this new series entitled, ‘A Clean Slate.’

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